Sessions For Individuals

Visceral Work (Chi Nei Tsang)
​1.5 hours

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist practice designed to gently, yet deeply, wake up the organs and tissues in order to make them work more efficiently and to heal stuck negative emotions that the person has accumulated throughout his or her life. 
Chi Nei Tsang means organ energy. This bodywork modality allows for a powerful toxin release that sometimes shows on the practitioner's gloves. The toxins leave bright yellow to brown colored residue.

All of the major bodily systems are addressed in a session: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, and reproductive, digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory. 
Chi Nei Tsang sessions do not attempt to cure disease. Rather, it addresses the whole person and can  benefit problems caused by stress, sleep disorders, digestive issues involving the kidneys, liver or gallbladder; as well as depression and anxiety.

Besides, Chi Nei Tsang helps to facilitate healing from trauma or injury and can relieve male and female reproductive issues and fertility. In Thailand Chi Nei Tsang is not used as widely as the Traditional Thai Massage.

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Tendon Therapy (Tok Sen)
1.5 hours

Tok Sen is Traditional Thai Massage hammering modality that sends a healing vibration to the tendons, bones and fascia using a wooden mallet and wedge. This is a very popular home remedy in Thailand for farmers who work in the fields all day.
The Tok Sen technique is used to clear blocked energy to remove negative energy and ease muscle tension. It uses a rhythmically tapping motion and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles down to tendons and bones. ​

Tendons have memory and remember all the past injuries and trauma. The wood vibration of Tok Sen erases that negative memory.​
Tok Sen helps relieve physical aches and pains, sciatica, backaches, poor circulation, and puts the body in a healing mode.

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Detox Sessions

Guasha (Chinese Scraping Therapy)
​1.5 hour

Gausha Scraping Therapy is a popular home remedy in China used to fight inflammation, increase circulation, enhance the immune system and detoxity the skin and underlying tissues.

The traditional Chinese practice of gua sha scrapes the skin with a stone, jade, buffalo bone scraper, or horn. By bringing the blood to the surface of the skin, it triggers the body to fight infection, inflammation and other ailments.

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Cupping Treatment
1 hour

The cupping treatment is a great way to increase the blood flow underneath the skin to facilitate toxin removal, improved circulation, pain relief, and a plethora of body aches and pains.

Cupping uses plastic or glass jars placed on the back of the body. They provide a soothing and relaxing sensation when moved along the entire back or simply left in place.

Cupping may leave the skin red to purple, especially in problem areas. It goes away after a few day to a couple of weeks. The treatment is rarely painful, and can be repeated when the marks are completely gone.

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What clients say:

"As a practitioner in the field of mind/body medicine for many years, every now and then someone comes along with special healing skills that set them aside from others in the field that garners my attention. Such is the case with Lora Al-Awar who has trained with an elite Taoist group in Thailand in a rare and specialized genital detox bodywork called Karsai Nei Tsang, Having benefited personally by her gentle and compassionate mastery of this rare procedure that shifted my pain threshold into healing mode, I am intrigued with a wellness art that should be taught to bodyworkers throughout the world."

Edwin Riley, Ph.D. Mind/Body Medicine and Integrative Healthcare, West Palm Beach, Florida

"During the Karsai bodywork, Lora made me feel very comfortable, and I felt respected at all times. The feeling I had during the session was a small discomfort in the testicles that goes up to the kidneys. At a certain moment a large amount of energy in the form of heat reached my head. After the massage, the general feeling was of lightness, as if a great amount of weight had been removed from me. That feeling of lightness went all the way up to the neck. I could feel myself walking more upright. It is a very advisable massage, not only to treat ailments, but also to prevent major ills in the future."

Angel Perez, massage therapist, Tenerife, Spain

"I was very comfortable in my session with Lora, as she had a calm presence. I liked her pace, not moving in too fast. I felt supported and encouraged by Lora to release my held tension."

Shannon Williams, San-Francisco, California

"I have experienced the blessing of receiving Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai from Lora many times over the last few months. Each session brings forth the numerous benefits of releasing the energetic and physical tension or stress within the visceral/abdominal tissues. Being a therapeutic bodyworker for 20+ years, professionally I only choose to work with the most skilled professional practitioners, and I definitely highly recommend Lora for such."

Peter C. Lowden, Tampa, Florida