Facial Rejuvenation 

Facial Rejuvenation 
1 hour session

Do yourself a favor and book a Facial Rejuvenation session today to take 5 to 15 years off your face!​
These sessions are done over the phone or skype. The results are noticeably visible immediately after the first session.

These sessions are cutting-edge consciousness technology producing  breakthrough anti-aging results.
They are designed to:
- soften or completely eliminate deep and fine wrinkles on the neck, around the eyes, mouth and forehead, 
- soften the harsh look of nasolabial folds,
- lift up the cheeks by moving the facial muscles back to their original place and returning them back to the state of elasticity and resilience of your much younger self,
- Fill in the hollow areas on the face and sunken cheeks, 
- Rejuvenate your facial skin to a much more vibrant, youthful and healthy-looking complexion,
- Get a non-surgical facelift and younger-looking face contour in just one session!

These are long-distance sessions done over the phone or skype audio.
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Requested Donation: $210
Get two sessions for $405
Get three sessions for $595

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What clients say:

"From the moment we started I felt very safe and comfortable in Lora’s energy. It has a warm nurturing feel and I loved it. During our session I felt like all cells on my face were being awakened and filled with new energy, I was feeling all kinds of sensations: tingling, warmth, lifting, stretching and my cells were thrilled to be “touched “ and feel alive again. After the session I looked in the mirror and saw a difference instantly: healthy glow was all over my face. And as a couple of days had passed I noticed the face “lifted”, my eyes became more “open” and overall it looked more vibrant and youthful! Thank you so much!"

Olga Kaplan, New York City, USA

"Lora, I can't thank you enough for our Facial Rejuvenation session the other day! During the session, I was experiencing a new sensation, as if something was massaging, tightening and re-shaping my face with invisible etheric hands. When we got off the phone, I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed how fine lines under my eyes disappeared, and my face looked more toned. The next morning I noticed the sagging jowls were not there anymore. My jawline looks so smooth, giving me a much younger appearance. The whole face is thinner with more youthful complexion. I can't wait to book another session to see what happens next!"

Valerie Reihman, San-Diego, California